What is Sky High for Kids?

Sky High, a 50(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is comprised of staff, board members and an army of volunteers that raise funds to support those undergoing pediatric cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Since 2007, Sky High for Kids has donated over $14 million to support leading hospitals and research centers to help close the gap in childhood cancer rates. Sky High has supported the first and only pediatric cancer immunotherapy center at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center in Houston, TX. They’ve increased the ability for children battling cancer and other diseases in sub-saharan Africa to receive medical treatment, and they’re currently funding a floor in the Advanced Research Center (ARC) at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, among other vital work. Check out their website for more information on how they’re making a difference for children and families all over the world.

The Challenge

When they came to us, Sky High for Kids was in the process of rebranding. Among other changes, they were working on an entirely new website and domain name. For years, the Sky High website was hosted with GoDaddy. Unfortunately, they encountered many problematic issues when they switched their website over to the new domain name and the site went live. When searching for the new site, their visitors were either routed to the old website or presented with an error message stating that the domain didn’t exist, despite the fact that the old domain was being routed to the new one. However, the biggest issue they encountered was that when changes were being made to their new site (such as updating content) their site was not propagating properly. GoDaddy’s response to the problem was that site visitors needed to clear their cache or open a private window browser to see the site – and neither of these responses were appropriate solutions nor were they sufficient for the Sky High team. After 40+ hours of calls between Sky High and GoDaddy’s customer service team, no acceptable solution was presented and Sky High determined that they needed to explore other options.

How Muze Development Helped Sky High for Kids Succeed

After a call with the Muze team, it was evident that Sky High needed to switch to our WordPress hosting and maintenance service. The migration transition was seamless and the site was running at optimal performance within hours. Since the change in hosting, all of the issues that once existed are no longer a problem. In addition to hosting, Muze Development backs up the site, updates plugins when necessary, and provides protection for the site.

These fast and accurate corrections were especially welcome since the Sky High team had “lost track of all the calls and hours [they’ve] wasted on the phone with [GoDaddy] with recurring issues.”

On top of providing Sky High with quick and comprehensive service, Muze charged them no additional fees for the migration from GoDaddy. All they were required to do was provide Muze with their GoDaddy login information and Muze was able to take it from there. All their work was included in their no contract, $99/month fee, regardless of the depth of the problems or the time spent resolving them.

“The migration transition was seamless and the site was running at optimal performance within hours. Since the change all of the issues that once existed were no longer a problem.”

Also, since they’ve moved Muze has helped them with the following additional issues:

  1. Setting up 301 redirects for promotional links
  2. Fixing a theme/plugin conflict that was disabling pop-ups on their site
  3. Setting up their Google verification code
  4. Installing Google Captcha in order to resolve a spam issue with their website forms

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