The St. Luke’s Foundation of the Chi St. Luke’s Health System is a philanthropic organization that raises funds to expand healthcare in Texas. The St. Luke’s Foundation supports education and training for physicians and nurses, innovative research, life-saving equipment, and technological advancements for patients, which allows them to care for under served communities. You can read more about CHI St. Luke’s work and mission here.

The Challenge

St. Luke’s came to us with the idea of creating a digital tribute mosaic; a way to honor the heroes that walk the halls of St. Luke’s day in and day out. The people that work for St. Luke’s are more than just employees, and what they do is more than just a job; they touch people’s lives by going above and beyond the call of duty, and oftentimes their acts of selflessness and kindness are done silently and without the expectation of a reward.

The mosaic is a way to acknowledge those outstanding contributions, and to remember those silent heroes who have devoted their lives to the health and healing of others.

They asked us to help them create a website that patients and their families can access to leave “tiles” for the physicians, nurses, and caregivers of the CHI St. Luke’s Foundation. Users are asked to leave a donation and then they’re emailed a link to create a tile to be displayed on the website. You have the option to custom make a tile with your own photo, or to choose a pre-designed tile with an assortment of quotes to choose from.

Click here to learn more about the purpose and background behind the mosaic.

How Muze Development helped the Tribute Mosaic to Succeed

We took into account the wishes and requirements presented to us by CHI St. Luke’s and came up with the following workflow:

As we stated before, users of the site have 2 options: the ability to select a pre-designed tile, or to create a custom tile.

The pre-designed tiles come with a selection of quotes to choose from, and after selecting a quote the user can fill out the “to” and “from” fields as well as enter a custom message.

For those who want a more personalized tile, you are able to upload a custom photo and then fill out the “to”, “from”, and “message” fields.

After the tile has been submitted, an admin is notified to approve the submission. Once it’s been approved, WordPress will email the creator of the tile a note that their project has been published, as well as a link to share their tile on social media.

The site is built on WordPress with a custom email notification process, so no form plugins are used.

Other than the necessity of having an administrator to approve each tile, the entire process is automated.

How St. Luke’s Can Measure Success

The team at CHI St. Luke’s will be able to quickly and easily see the success of this project simply by viewing the mosaic online. Many people have already chosen to take advantage of this creative way of saying “thank you” by leaving tiles, both custom and pre-designed. Click here to see the mosaic and the beautiful tribute messages left by patrons of the hospital.

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