The St. Luke’s Foundation of the Chi St. Luke’s Health System is a philanthropic organization that raises funds to expand healthcare in Texas. The St. Luke’s Foundation supports education and training for physicians and nurses, innovative research, life-saving equipment, and technological advancements for patients, which allows them to care for underserved communities.

The Challenge

The St. Luke’s Foundation came to Muze Development because they wanted an easy way for the public to obtain their annual report. As a philanthropic organization, it was extremely important to them that the report was easily accessible. To achieve this, St. Luke’s wanted the report adapted into a more user-friendly and easy to understand format online.

How Muze Development Helped St. Luke’s Succeed

St. Luke’s needed more than a digital version of its annual report, it needed a fast, easy to use, and visually appealing online annual report that showed how the St. Luke’s Foundation has helped patients all across Texas. Muze Development recognized a need for a method of displaying the annual report that was easy to edit and scale so the St. Luke’s Foundation could continue to release a digital version of its annual report year after year.

Muze Development chose to design and build the annual report on WordPress, which is a popular and well known Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is favored by many marketing professionals because it is easy use, allowing St. Luke’s internal marketing personnel to edit, change, and add to the report as they saw fit.

Imagery was an important aspect of the report, and St. Luke’s wanted to keep the powerful imagery in the online version. Muze Development took special care to not only utilize imagery, but optimize images and the entire webpage so page loading speed would not be slowed by down by the large file sizes of the images. The online annual report also included email address collection functionality where users who preferred a PDF version of the report could receive a copy by supplying their email addres.

After launching the online annual report, Muze Development also took over hosting for the online annual report. Muze Development has well maintained and secure servers that not only protects the report from malware, but also increases its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value.

How the St. Luke’s Foundation Can Measure Success

The St. Luke’s Foundation now has an accessible, easy to use, and visually appealing online report that they can adapt to suit their needs in the future as the organization continues to grow. Additionally, St. Luke’s is collecting email addresses from users who choose to download the report, which is valuable as another point of contact with the community and as an email list for future use. To see the annual report for yourself, you can visit it here.

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