wp-engine-bannerOver the years, we here at Muze Development have had the great opportunity to build numerous websites (thank God!) for a variety of clients. From single landing pages to websites with over 1,000 pages, we’ve seen it all. We’ve also had the, how should I say, “pleasure,” of working with a variety of hosting companies as well.

Now, as much as I would like to say that all hosting companies are created equal, and many do have similar capabilities, the one thing many of these companies lag behind in is customer support. I’ve worked with some hosting company representatives(who shall remain nameless!) who sigh in frustration and make sarcastic remarks; one even hung up on me because the representative couldn’t answer my questions!

So I was very surprised when I recently had to interact with a WPEngine sales consultant.

The Dilemma

One of our clients was in the middle of a technology audit, and anyone who is familiar with requirements such as HIPPA compliancy knows that this can be a very technical and involved process. My client didn’t need HIPPAA compliancy, but it was in the same ballpark of requirements.

I was sent the hosting requirements from my client that he received from the auditor, and they were pretty intense. I’ll spare all the technical details, but he required a number of certifications from the data center such a sas 70 and sae 16 audits. Oh my! His current host could not provide these details. After all, the client was just a shared-hosting client; the $10 per month he paid didn’t make him important enough. Oh, and not to mention that he was also required to have a content management system that could be updated easily every quarter.


Since my client’s current host was not going to be any help with the hosting requirements, I had to start calling around to see what my options were. One company after the next was of no help.The standard response was, “Oh, you need HIPPA hosting. We don’t provide that,” or, “We have HIPPA-compliant hosting, but it’ll be $1,000/month.” Not one company understood that I didn’t need HIPPA compliancy; I just needed certain certifications from their data center. I found out quickly that my research was leading nowhere.

A Call to WPEngine

A couple of years back, I remember that Jason Cohen started a new company called WPEngine. At the time, we were mainly an ExpressionEngine shop, so I didn’t pay it any attention. Fast forward a couple of years—a friend of mine started telling me more about WPEngine, “Oh man, my WordPress site crashed, and their technical support had it back up within 30 minutes. They’re awesome!” And that was just one of the things he told me about his experience.

I figured that as my client’s new site was going to be built in WordPress, I should give them a call to see if they had any enterprise solutions that my client could utilize and get the certifications he was looking for.

The WPEngine Sales Consultant

I connected with a WPEngine sales consultant and emailed him all the requirements my client needed. “No problem,” he said.“I’ll look into that for you and get back to you.”  Now because the requirements were very technical, the standard options they provided didn’t have the requirements my client needed. After more than 15 emails, the WPEngine sales consultant was on the right track. During this entire conversation, not even one single time did he sound frustrated or upset.

The consultant came back to me with some options for my client.Unfortunately, at this time, my client had made a mistake on some of the certifications and didn’t need the initial information I had asked the consultant for. Again, after another five emails, the consultant was unfazed, I was still getting “Not a problem!” emails from him. Already, I was extremely impressed.

The consultant came back to me again with the requirements my client had asked for, and again, the requirements the client had requested weren’t correct. This time, I was positive the WPEngine consultant was going to say he couldn’t help us—and wouldn’t you know—after 40 total emails, he delivered! He found us a solution. It wasn’t as expensive as the HIPPAA-compliant solutions, so this was good. I was ready to send the good news to my client.

Bad News

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end with WPEngine landing the sale. There were some changes in the situation, and my client didn’t need the solution after all. Which is OK. Misunderstandings happen, especially with technology!

I let the WPEngine sales consultant know that the client wasn’t going to move forward, and this was his response.

“These things happen. I just appreciate the transparency and how straightforward you’ve been throughout the entire process.  If you have anyone that is interested in signing up, please feel free to send them my contact details and ask them to get a hold of me directly so that I can walk them through the process.

I’m happy to speak to any of your clients to ensure they are getting the attention that they deserve. So again, feel free to send them my way if they need absolutely any assistance.”

WOW! I was amazed at how forward-thinking this response was. Now, I don’t know anything about the company culture over at WPEngine, but they obviously understand that sales are about building relationships, and even though a sale wasn’t made, WPEngine earned a loyal customer!

The Result

All of this happened about three months ago, and since then, I have referred three of my clients to WPEngine. I have been extremely pleased with them! Support is top-notch, security is extremely important to them, and you already know what I think about their customer service!

Please feel free to share your experience with WPEngine in the comments below!

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